Jamie Porter

Coordinator, Health, fitness and Recreation YMCA





At Risk Youth / High School Students / Young Adults



No matter what life has thrown at you, there is always an oppurtunity for change. Your past doesnt have to determine your future. 

We have the ability to live a fullfilling life if we so chose, but the onus is on us. We are the ones that have to wake up ready for the world, to look at ourselves in the mirror and like what we see, and to take every oppurtunity to grow as an individual.  



After a rough up bringing I spent 10 years of my life abusing substances to help me forget about who i was and where i came from. After entering into a recovery program 5 years ago i have been given many different tools on how to deal with life on lifes terms. I went from living on the streets with no high school diploma to cleaning up, finishing high school and entering into the fitness industry and creating a successful career for myself.

I realized that there are many oppurtunitys out there for people to make a change in their life no matter what trauma they have experienced in their lives and that everyone has the right to a healthy positive lifestyle.

I have been the keynote speaker at many youth engagment projects and a motivational speaker at a few high school to share my story in hopes to help teens realize they dont need to go down the road i went down and make the mistakes i made.





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