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Once upon a time not too long ago,
there were two friends.

One loved stories, the other enjoyed telling them,
and they would often hang out to share them,
be it in words, songs or drawings.

Then, one started his career in modern
technology and code, the other took to
the traditions of graphic noveling and design.

Paths parted, and both would set out to make
humble successes and fantastic mistakes
in their individual journeys.

And once in awhile, they would still hang out,
and share stories.

One time as usual, they met.
As usual, casual chat led to grand stories.

But something else happened that day.

They talked about
the story-lovers and the story-makers.
About how stories were and what storytelling can be. About the knowledge and wonderment in pages. 

The beautiful experience.

We never forget the stories we grew up loving,
nor the joys of imagining them.

That day, both of us sat down to say,
for all the things that stories have given us,
maybe we can give something back.

Sometimes, things can be better.
And sometimes, you find yourself
with the means to change them.

Brazen dreams and blunt skills.

So we decided.
To put all these feelings
together and make it real.

And that's how STORYZER was found
- in the vision of two boys who grew old,
but never grew up.


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