Love? yeah right. I had thought about love like that too. I was young and definitely dumber then. Love as they say, is for rookies. 

It's a normal day in the morning. She wakes up in the bottom of bunk bed staring above of the steels of the bed above, and just staring. She does her daily rituals in the morning including meditation, saying good morning to her dogs and cooking egg omelet for breakfast. She then realizes that it is not a normal day at all. It's valentines day, shit. 

Helena, a young Filipino girl who dreams of love. She meets henry. her first love. Been with him for 6 long sweet years. Until... Helena is challenged with her idea of romance in experiencing her first heartbreak. SHE WAS CHEATED!

After being with her first love for 6 years and being cheated on, she embarks on a new journey of self-discovery.

"What does first love mean?" , "How does one know when he/she is really beloved?", Questions rising to her mind in thinking of how her first real relationship was. 

She has learned that dreaming of love is not as daft as experiencing it when your young. Love is more complicated especially in maturing individuals and forming new beliefs. Love lets you learn a lot of things about the importance of communication in deeper relationships. Not only in a "romantic" idea of love, but also in other relationships you have in your life.

The story concludes with a changed strong and independent woman, ready for love to find her again in all its simple ways.