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Hi everyone! I am very motivated to start using illustrator in a more efficient way (not just trying random things by myself ) and I find this course is a great opportunity to do so!

After looking and saving in my computer loads of ads I was searching on google and pinterest, I went through the students gallery and found this awesome reference picture, which is using also Zhi Lee for her project and I made my choice!

I have british family, and i find this picture so fun and cute! I just want to print it hang it on my wall right away. It gives me a happy feeling to draw this on Illustrator!

So, First Step: Reference picture:

Some of the other ads I liked before I made my choice were:


I have just started with the First form buildings using the pen tool

I am very open to recieve and give any kind of feedback! It's a nice thing about this site to be able to share our projects progress and give each other feedback.

Second Step. General Form Building. I have built almost all shapes with the pen tool.


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