STOP! The Panic Button

STOP! The Panic Button - student project

Smoking is bad. Everybody knows this. But in average 20% of the world population smokes. The clash between joy and the fear of disease:  80% of all smokers in developed countries like Canada, USA and Australia have already tried to stop once in there steam career (Status: 2010, American Cancer Society). 73% because of health reasons. But stopping is hard. Smoking is an addiction. Physical and even worse behavioural. Ironic: 72% didn’t use any help to stop smoking. Only 11% read books, 8% use medication, 6%  acupuncture. 

No wonder, it doesn’t work. 42% of the smokers who tried stopping made it 1-6 days, 27% up to 8 weeks and only 27% more than 2 months. Yet, the wish to stop persists. 43% have stopped more than twice. And 45% still plan to stop smoking. And 12% within the next year. In numbers that are 5,5 Mio people in 2013 in the USA and another 1,8 Mio People in Canada, UK & Australia together.

If books and medication doesn't help, does something help that you always can have around, like an anti-smoke app on your mobile phone? There are a lot of offers out there. But most of anti smoke app calculate the disease risk and amount of cigarettes not smoked or the financial benefit.

But what they don’t do is help in the deepest moment of smoke desire. When you don’t care about your health. Or the money. Or the amount of cigarettes you haven’t smoked. That’s where STOP! The Panic Button comes to help.

It distracts and gives you a reason not to smoke in the moment when you don’t have one by yourself.

STOP! The Panic Button - image 1 - student project

Possible Content for Distraction: It aways has to reason to not stop. Can be a youtube anti smoke ad or a fact or a crowdsourced beg to stop.

Some Target Group Insights:
- Moment of Stopping: Most people stop when there is a good opportunity, like being sick.
- Smoke Triggers: Stress, Reward after Stress, Alcohol, Social at Pub, Social at Work, After big Meal, After Coffee, Having the habit of rolling a cigarette.
- Smoke Barriers: Willpower- Others can do it, I can do it too, Cost, Smell, Prohibit, Beauty.
- Optimal App Functions unprompted: Distraction, Panic Button, Arguments to not Smoke.

Liane Siebenhaar

Strategic Planner & Founding Team of