STOCKS AND BONDS measure the monetary value of companies that sell goods and services. We focus on the things in life that can not measured by a monetary value. Dreams, hopes, family. Your true value can not be measured. Our goal is to create things-art,fashion, music etc. We want the things we create to reflect our try value as individuals, as a  community  and as a society.

STOCKS AND BONDS current collection focuses on limited edition items and the relationship between fashion graphics and art. The goal is to create a limited number of tshirts and crewnecks all one of one displaying handpainted artwork on tshirts and crewnecks. When the consumer buy the items, they are purchasing art on apparel. The view of apparel includes the art not just the brand name.

The goal is to sell to limited stores/boutiques with a customer that appreciates art on apparel. It shirt cost $50 in the retail store. The goal is to display in stores such as UNION LA.



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