STICKY SOLES (For your shoes)

Ever wish you could get more out of your shoes?

Now you can extend the life of your shoes and upgrade your TRACTION with Sticky Soles (outsoles for your shoes)!

What is it?

  • Sticky Soles are a thin piece of rubber that you adhere to the bottom of your worn out shoe soles.


  • The purpose of Sticky Soles is to give your shoe traction, and a bit more life before you get rid of them!

When & Why Would I Use This?

  • Restaurant: Turn a pair of old shoes into work approved slip resistant shoes.
  • Running: Create trail shoes from your old running shoes.
  • Casual: Create an awesome pair of golf shoes!
  • Dress: Stick and gain traction to any dress shoe when traveling in icy weather
  • Work Boots: Give yourself more traction when working hard
  • Sandals: Give those slippery foam soles some traction.


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