I decided that I would use the drought in California as my subject. I found studies that revealed people in California would be more likely to switch to recycled waste water if they knew how the process of Water Purification worked. So I have created the full process through these pictograms in order for people to better understand how this works from start to finish. When deciding how to portray this process I know that no matter what my outcome, it must be cohesive and so I carried these out making sure to keep the same line weight throughout.



The process of water purification can be complex but by understanding the major key points of each step we start to understand the process. I did research on water purification and used the key points to illustrate the steps and then finally went to sketches. My intial sketches were good enough to translate well to the reader so I pulled the sketches into illustrator and went to work on perfecting details. Through the process of building these forms I have gained an appreciation for the process inorder to make our world a better place. It's my job as the deisgner to help visually aid others to embrace the positive things we can can do for our world. 


So now that you understand the process are you on board?! 


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