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ʃ τ ϵ Media™ is an initiative that aims to increase the prestige of science and engineering by providing unique motivation for individuals in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) community. Through the creative arts we aim to deliver priceless inspiration for tomorrow’s innovation.

Right now, I am currently a graduate student pursing a PhD in Structural Engineering and Mechanics; this is my passion along with uplifting people... It began as an effort to share a unique perspective that I've always had towards my field; one that I believe others can benefit from. There is someone out there with a wealth of unrecognized potential, particularly in this area, that can do something great… if only they were motivated by someone who painted the picture using slightly different shades.

The overall goal  of STEMedia is to deliver a message synonymous with the passionate pursuit of new achievements and profound undertakings. Every item produced carries the idea of people not just having the next BIG thing but rather creating it. This is to instill within many the desire to aim high, work hard and exceed all expectations.


"Don't just have the next BIG thing...Create It!"

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So get your weight up and make it happen!


~Nehemiah Mabry


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