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Jake Olson

Illustrator / Designer / Storyteller




With this class I set myself a tight deadline of only a few hours each day - working in between a busy weekend and having a little time these past 2 days.

I really enjoyed this class Mikey and I plan on coming back when there is time to hopefully refine my piece and complete it with texture, or maybe even start over and take more time and focus into building a new idea.

There were some struggles, and even tho my main goal was meeting the deadline I also wanted to enjoy my work - to have fun with this project. Some of my decisions were based on fun, but at times I know other decisions were rooted in wanting to complete the assignment. I do struggle with completing my own personal work which i think hinders me building a stronger portfolio and finding a job i really want and care about.



There were actually a lot of idioms i wanted to illustrate but I narrowed down a to only 3 - to move into the concepting stage. I'd like to see "hit the books" completed - i could see an assualt on literature being hillarious. 

Also, anyone notice how many dog idioms there are? anyways.. here are some quick sketches i used while brainstorming and making lists - this is the stage i needed more time in but ended up having my focus somewhere else.




i started to like this idea and could actually see what i wanted before doodling.



here is my final drawing with color added. i want to add texture to this peice but i also have other things i must complete before heading back to work tomorrow. that and i dont want to rush something like that to just slap on - even tho my deadline was a rush, i enjoyed working thru this piece and seeing what worked out in the end.

Thanks for reading and checking out my work
-Jake O


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