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I remember reading Stardust in highschool and being hooked on the book. I would be so hooked on the book so much so that I would even hide just to read one more chapter while I was supposed to be helping my father with work! Sadly, I can't really remember much from it now. It will be pretty exciting to re-read and work on a project involving a book that I used to enjoy!



So I've finally had a chance to set some time aside to read my book. It brought me back to being a kid again. The book deals quite a bit with the meaning of true love. Throughout reading the book I wrote down a few key tidbits that stood out.

I'd like for my dropcap to have some form of characters/illustrations but in a very stripped down geometric way. 

I gravitated to a Bodoni style "G". With my first doodle, I have a snake figure, which represents The Lilim, with the seven brothers sitting on top of it. I could even strip away the sitting charaters and just have roman numerals overlayed on the body of the snake. I might change around a few elements. I want to include the flying pirate ship, but still haven't decided on a great way to incorporate it into my design. I do realize my dropcap is going to be a lot simpler than this but these are just my thoughts put into doodle form.

In closing, I feel that The Wall that seperates the two very different worlds should tie in with my dropcap. Maybe have some drab/ordinary elements on the outer part of the G, while the inside part is very lively and active. 



Working with the letter G turned out to be harder than I anticipated. I'm trying to focus on the books main topic, Love. In my last sketch of the day, the bottom right drawing, I tried to tie in a lot of the books elements. I'll continue to push in that direction further.



So Thanksgiving is behind us. I've had a bad case of procrastination for the last few days and have not gotten any school work done! I was about to fall asleep when all of a sudden, like a brick wall, an idea struck me for my dropcap. It deals more this the unicorn in the book that protects Tristan. I figured it be fun to incorporate the shape of the unicorn, and this opens up so many more possibilities for flourishes. The lower stump of the "G" is going to have a brick feel/look to it with the roman numerals 1-7 etched into them, for the seven brothers. Lastly, it might be overkill but I might add a shooting star to bring out the shape of the G a bit more.

Well... it is 3:20AM in the morning, and I need some rest. I'll work more on this over a big cup of coffee tomorrow morning!


-120113- ROUND ONE 

So I managed to further push my sketches into a direction that I feel is getting there. This is what I've been working on. I'm not entirely feeling it, so I'm going to take a break, strip it down a bit, redraw, and revisit possibly in the next few hours. I'm going to simplify the wall, and change the positioning of the unicorns head.

So a little backstory on my design choices. The story has to do with two very different worlds separated by a rather ordinary brick wall. A young boy name Tristan is in love with a rather mean-spirited girl named Victoria. Tristan foolishly promises to catch a fallen star and return it Victoria for her hand in marriage. Tristan crosses The Wall and enters a magical world filled with witches, 7 evil, but rather humorous, brothers, and unicorns. Tristan ends up falling in love with the star, which is personified as a female.

Thoughts & Upcoming Revisions
My design reflects how a wall is the diving point between the ordinary world and a magical one. On the other side of the wall is a unicorn, with its hair mimicing hearts. I am going to make my unicorn's head face in a more horizontal fashion so I get the shape of a G more prominately. I'll have his horn pointing at a star that is a bit larger than the rest. Even though the wall looks interesting with its dip, it serves no purposes. I'll strip the wall and make it more rectangular.


-120313- ROUND TWO

It's final's week, its about 12:40AM and I still haven't started on my homework for the majority of my classes... I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed with everything piling up on me.

However, with that said, I am determined to have my dropcap ready before this Friday's deadline.

I suppose I'll talk about some of the revisions and changes this round. Like I mentioned in my last post, I've decided to adjust my unicorn's head to face in a more horizontal fashion so it better resembles a G. I stripped down the brick wall so it's a lot more recognizable. The flourishes all mimic hearts, which tie into the story's underlying message of finding true love.

The stars are actually very carefully placed. I've always referred to myself as a Leo/Virgo cusp since I was born right in the middle of the two Zodiac signs. The top segment of the starts if the virgo constellation, while the bottom half is the constellation for Leo. The unicorn's horn is also pointing at the biggest "brighest" star representing the book's Yvaine.

This will be the point of my point where I spend some time away from this piece and return to it in a few days. 



I swear there aren't enough hours in the day. I just got done with the majority of my finals, & I had to do a last minute chalk board piece! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to further experiment with my dropcap. A lot of my comments suggest that I try a different route with one of my earlier sketches. I soooooo wanted to try to whip up another drop cap variation, but time is not my friend.

So instead of working on a whole different dropcap and not completing any of them, I decided to at lease fine tune the dropcap I already had. Just did a few tweaks here and there.

Overall, I am happy that I was able to create at least something unique that is akin to my artstyle. However, I do realize that my dropcap is more on the illustration side, which is why I really wanted to try what the comments suggests and try a previous sketch. Now that the deadline is upon is, I'll be able to work on my second dropcap a little more leisurely :)

Here are my final results. This was a great experience, and everyone's feedback was so helpful. Thanks everyone!

Have a great time, & embrace design!


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