STARBORN - indie heavy metal band music video

January 29th: Chariots of the Gods - Canadian heavy metal band TIDES of WAR world wide album launch

The band and I got together and produced a release music video to acompagnie the launch - on a shoe string budget and no crew. 

Tides of War - music video

Now critics across the world are lauding this young band - and after we talked about it, we thought it was time to take it up a notch. That's where the fans across the world come in, and kickstarter is here to help bring this community together to help us make a music video of epic proportions!

My project rough draft isn't complete, but has completely fleshed out samples of what can be found in each segment - giving an idea of approach/tsyle and type of content. 

The finances for this project haven't been ironed out yet - as the band and I just started talking about this a couple weeks ago. 

One thing to note is that we are considering either peppering the project with more personal/on stage shots of the band, to get people to connect with them - or otherwise create the production blog prior to launch and include a public gallery for potential backers to check out.

There is of course, always facebook - COG page

Really looking forward to hearing feedback about what directions we need to consider and change.



Kickstarter "synopsis"

COG looks to explode on screen following a successful world-wide album launch with a 2nd indie music video - STARBORN.

Kickstarter project preview


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