STAMPS EVERYWHERE. How to create Stamps to make patterns on fabrics!

STAMPS EVERYWHERE. How to create Stamps to make patterns on fabrics! - student project

Hi everyone, this is my very first class on skillshare. While I was thinking about a subject for this class, I came up with a fun project that I made a few years ago, of makeing some fun stamps to make patterns in fabrics and t-shirts. Hope you like it and have a look and please give me some reviews!!!! 

Class Description

This class is for all people who want to have fun and learn how to make your own stamp to make fun patterns for fabrics and t-shirts With this class, I will teach you some easy ways to creat them with different and cheap materials. Everyone can make a stamp! Join me and take this fun class to make some awesome products with fabrics!

Project Description

Get started! Design your own stamp choosing one of the materials that I told you about in the class. 

This project its pretty simple. Choose a topic and where do you want to stamp your design, then make some scketchers fo your pattern and get it made. 

  • Research and ideas: Collect inspiration and brainstorm what you’ll use your stamp 
  • Sketch time and fun: Create your stamp’s design by hand according to your inspiration and all your research 
  • Take your materials and get it made: Choose one of the techniques that I teach you so you can make your STAMP. You can make a couple of them and make wit differents shapes a fun pattern. 
  • Get some paint and STAMP! Have some fun creating different patterns for t- shirt, fabrics to make pillows and different stuff. BE CREATIVE and enjoy :)



  • Show the inspiration or research that contributed to your stamp’s design
  • Share any sketches or process for your design
  • Take some pictures of all the process getting your stamp made. 
  • Share the finished stamp + and how it looks like in fabrics or t-shirts. 
Auro Rubio
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