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I really enjoyed this project. I managed not to look at the results before drawing my own character. Its very interesting how stereotipical this type of women is. I loved to see what everybody else came up with, the similar characteristict everyone though abou (beyond Toms description) =]

My Sarah is a type of lady who cares about her body a lot - a bit too much to be specific. So as a result she's a bit over tanned and parched like an old apricot. She tries to compenzate the fact that she wont be any younger with alcohol. And as a result se has no time for her kids - it takes crazy ours to keep up this appearance after all.. =P

When I read the description, she popped into my mind and I couldnt let her go - so I went with it! Hope you like my Sarah..and Tiffany ;]

Thank you for this class Tom, I learned a lot - I love the "flip the drawing" trick - Im sure I'll benefit a lot from what you've taught.




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