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SSC Napoli Kit Design Project

Mood Board

I have chosen SSC Napoli for my project because they are one of the most iconic teams in world football. They have a turbulent history of bankruptcy and name changes with their Azzurri colours perserveering.

Their most successful period was during the late 80's when with the help of Diego Maradona they won the Italian Serie A twice and lifted their only Europen trophy, the UEFA Cup in 1989.

Despite the turmoil of the past two decades, Napoli have experienced a resurgance in recent years and with the quality players and passionate fans they possess, they have the potential to turn themselves into a powerhouse of Europe.

Naples is also one of the most historic cities in the world and provides plenty of sources for inspiration.

For my designs I will seek to produce something which honours the past of the club and the city but also looks to the future. The 2013-14 season will see the 25th anniversary of their UEFA Cup triumph which I will look to honour.

Initial Designs

When I got to designing the kits I settled on something a little simpler than what I initially set out to achieve from the Mood Boards. I was wanting to incorporate shadow stripes as worn in the 1993-94 season because of the link to Napoli's first ever kit. The other design element I wanted to include was the striped collar from the 1988-89 Away shirt. Finally I was wanting the kit to be a tribute to the 25th Anniversary of the 1989 UEFA Cup that Napoli won, however this kit was extremely simple and basic, there wasn't a huge amount of design inspiration I was able to take from it.

First of all I wanted to slightly alter the badge, I've done this with a very slight colour adjustment by having the inner circle and outer circle match and adding gold detailing which is intended to be the tribute to the 1989 UEFA Cup win.

Kit Design 1

The first I designed is quite simple to stay close to the simple kits of the 80's. I've decided to make it a slightly darker shade of Azzurri to what Napoli have been wearing in recent years to distinctly differentiate from the Sky Blue of Lazio.

The main design element here is the striped collar and the striped theme continues with side panels and onto the shorts and socks.

Macron are known for large logo's placed on the shoulders and sleeves of their kits so I wanted to take a step away from that for this design to keep it classic. I've done this by moving them underneath the armpit to make the branding a little more subtle.

Kit Design 2

For my second option I've altered the colour and made the kit a little bit more modern in it's design and structure. The main theme of the design stays, the striped collar and side panels.

I've used a lighter shade of Azzurri here to mimick the shade worn during the 1988-89 season.

This option is a little bit closer to what might be expected of a Macron kit. It has shoulder panels with the Macron logo prominent; panelled sleeves that give an extra opportunity to use the stripes theme; and '1926' featured bellow the neck to signify the year Napoli were founded.

Kit Design 3

I've something a little more expiremental with this design. It is a mixture of the first two in terms of the panelling but features a different design for the collar.

A band that runs across the shirt high on the chest breaks the collar and has the full macron logo featured in the centre. The logo is significantly smaller than what the main logo of a maker would be to make it a bit more subtle.

This design gives the option to experiment with having a centrally placed Napoli badge.

The features which remain constant for all three options are:

  • the design for the shorts and socks as I am quite happy with it being a good mix of style, meaning and versatility
  • the typeface used for the numbering and lettering - it is clear and bold and has a slight block/retro design as a likeness to the numbering used in the 80's.
  • gold detailing for the numbers and names to match the gold used for the badge
  • sponsors removed of their colour clashing backgrounds that they use currently


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