SS14 Inspiration

***9-15-13*** Updated to add a painting for Katie's SS14 Inspiration Challenge!   Iwas inspired by a look from the Reem Acra collection:

You can see the shine of the gunmetal glitter in the second photo (although in retrospect, I kind of wish I used silver glitter instead!)

Thanks for checking it out!

***3-20-13***  Updated to add one watercolor.  I did a painting of a dress that wasn't one of my original sketches.  I don't want to paint those until I get critique from Katie!!  Katie- can you extend the watercolor deadline?  I understand that you have hundreds of projects to comment on, and I'm sure it takes forever.  But I don't feel comfortable jumping into paint until I get the go-ahead from you (just in case there's something in my sketch I need to change).

Until then, here's the one I did today, inspired by this look:

I added glitter for her snake belt (although it looks more like a bow in my painting! whoops!), and a butterfly cut out from paper with some glitter on it as well.

***3-17-13*** Updated to add some sketches.  When I paint I don't usually spend so much time on the sketch (I always look forward to jumping straight to watercolor!) so this was a challenge for me! I hope the scans came out okay....

No theme....just a few pictures I'm drawn to!


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