SS14 Inspiration

SS14 Inspiration - student project


I just loved the Elie Saab collection. I know I loved those dresses before but they are just so feminine and flowy and some are sparkly. I loved the skirt on this one. Just pretty.

SS14 Inspiration - image 1 - student project

SS14 Inspiration - image 2 - student project


Just love this Elie Saab dress so much I wanted to illustrate it:

SS14 Inspiration - image 3 - student project

Plus I bought this "vintage leaf glitter" and wanted to try it.

SS14 Inspiration - image 4 - student project


SS14 Inspiration - image 5 - student project

3/22 Watercolor and Embellishments:

Feeling inspired last night so I did another one. :)

SS14 Inspiration - image 6 - student project

Watercolor and Embellishment:

For this one, I decided to just do what I normally don't do and take some chance. I like how it turned out, I think. I did do an outline, but I kept the lines very sketchy because I wanted to show a lot of movement. I love the fringe on this dress. It looks so fun so I wanted the sketch to look fun, too!


SS14 Inspiration - image 7 - student project


SS14 Inspiration - image 8 - student project

Another watercolor with embellishment from one of my original sketches:

I'm never confident if I should outline or not. I took a chance and outlined this. Not sure if I like it or not. 

SS14 Inspiration - image 9 - student project

Watercolor with glitter:

SS14 Inspiration - image 10 - student project


SKETCHES (update 3/17):

Happy St. Patrick's Day! :) So, I've taken Katie's critique of trying to sketch freer and below is one I tried. I even gave the girl a different pose (out of my imagination, which is so tough for me!). I defintely tried to be freer and less literal. 

SS14 Inspiration - image 11 - student project

And first Watercolor attempt:

SS14 Inspiration - image 12 - student project


Below are some initial sketches. I have a hard time staying very loose. I think I finally hit my stride in the green dress - it was my 4th sketch and the one I like the best. Any tips? Which do you like?

Here's a new one (3/14):

SS14 Inspiration - image 13 - student project

These were added on 3/13:

SS14 Inspiration - image 14 - student project

SS14 Inspiration - image 15 - student project

SS14 Inspiration - image 16 - student project

SS14 Inspiration - image 17 - student project

SS14 Inspiration - image 18 - student project


I love simple and beautiful dresses with flowing lines (whether the material flows or not). I love the feminine touch of lace or beads or sparkle. And, not sure how this fits in with the rest of the looks, but I absolutely love skirts with pockets! It's such a whimsical twist. I have more than 5-7 photos listed but I'm grouping them by color or style so that counts, right? :)


This Christian Dior dress reminds me of classic beauty. It feels so dressed up and effortless at the same time. I love the sparkly flowers on the skirt.

SS14 Inspiration - image 19 - student project

Black and White:

I absolutely LOVE the detail on this dress. It is beyond beautiful! This dress is Oscar de la Renta. I love how calm and confident and elegant this woman looks in this dress.

SS14 Inspiration - image 20 - student project

Sparkly. By Elie Saab.

SS14 Inspiration - image 21 - student project

What a fun dress (Christian Dior) this is! I really LOVE the stripes.

SS14 Inspiration - image 22 - student project

Love the flowers on the bodice, the "bow" belt, and how the dress proceeds to grey then black. By Alexis Mabille.

SS14 Inspiration - image 23 - student project

Flowers and Sparkle:

Love the color, the sparkly flowers, the POCKETS (!), the flirty length. By Elie Saab.

SS14 Inspiration - image 24 - student project

More flower sparkle by Elie Saab.

SS14 Inspiration - image 25 - student project

By Elie Saab. Love how the dress looks like a flower and has flowers details on it as well. So beautiful.

SS14 Inspiration - image 26 - student project

By Elie Saab. Love the flowers, the neckline and that green is to die for.

SS14 Inspiration - image 27 - student project


I love this sort-of "flapper" look by Oscar de la Renta. Love her earrings, too.

SS14 Inspiration - image 28 - student project

Red and Ruffles:

And, of course, I needed something red! Love the ruffles, too. By Valentino.

SS14 Inspiration - image 29 - student project