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SS_week 2 project update

Thrown together for my week 1 basic scene project.

So for week 2 I have gone in a different direction. In an atttempt to have something interactive to show this week I have been working on two scenes/mini games that demonstrate the basic movements and interactions set out in the  week two syllabus.

So lets kick off. First up is the menu screen, for obvious reasons a menu screen is useful to navigate around your games so I implemented a basic menu to get from scene to scene. Note the crate on the left and the Moo on the roght :)

Here I have some mouse over events that adjust the material and scale of each object. I used cubes with a texture as I am limited in my GUI skills so I went with what I knew. On mouse over scale to a set value and switch out the materials for a self Illuminnated one. On mouse click I have a load level action triggered that you guessed it, loads the desired level.

i added a camera fade in on the main camera and attached some tunes for a little ambience.

Then I moved on to tmy next idea... How about I spin some crates around, sounds like a plan.

Again I have used a camera fade in and added a transform action also. i used variables to store a start and end transform position as vector 3 and then iTween Move Update to get me there. I think this adds a lot of value right there. Again I have some funky beats for your audio pleasure.

I used a GUI button to control a change of light colour, clearly not the best method but it did serve its purpose. I also added some GUI boxes with text/instructions in them, have I mentioned my fear of the GUI yet? I threw a simple GUI button in to navigate back to the main menu as well.

The crates all use the same FSM template (for now) which has a mouse pick event, play sound, set random material and an iTween Punch rotate action thats it. When you click the crate it will punch rotate and pull a random material from the four I defined and play a sound. Seems easier to explain it then set it all up thats for sure. The idea here is to match three crates. The BIG issue is that I have no idea where to start or how to go about setting up a win state for this. So with that in mind, it really is endless fun!

On to my Moo scene. A playable cow that plots around his paddock mooing at you.

Some common features again here with the camera fade in.

I used the simple move action from Playmaker to get him moving and added a run action through get button down and defined the button I wanted.

Again I have some GUI buttons, this time they can be used to rotate the camera around the paddock. Use of set position and iTween rotate add worked well for this. On each button press the camera will rotate 90 degres left or right.

I added a trigger event near the sign that when entered will creat a game object (hay bail) for the mooing cow. I added a simple particle system on this for your eye candy pleasure... :) After a wait event the hay will self destroy so be quick. I have more features I want to add here but I ran out of time...

I have a day/night cycle which began as a player input via a GUI slider before I decided to automate it. I added two lights to an empty game object and added a rotation on that game object. As the game object rotates so do the lights with one simulating day and the other night. timing is fast I know, it was more about demonstrating the cycle itself as currently there is not much in this scene.

The biggest thing I learnt this week was the use of empty game objects. I have been creating different types of managers fand adding to the empty game objects.

All up a big week for me :) so heres a playable demo for you all.

As always, feedback welcome and if anyone has any ideas on implementing some form of win state for my crate game that would be awesome.

Added some images of the FSM template used for the crate spin.


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