SPUN - student project

For this project I decided not to start from scratch, but take an old song I was never very content with and try to see how I could develop it using the guides from the course. 

The title of original track I wrote was Call in the Night. It was extremely verse heavy and mostly guitar loops so I immediately wanted to try the challenge of stripping the lyrics right back and building up the music using synths and electronic drum tracks on Ableton, which I have been slowly learning. 

I've renamed the track SPUN as was using the idea of being caught in someones 'web'.

Firstly I figured out the groove as the track only had a basic beat. I chose 124bpm. I decided to keep the original guitar chord progression and scrap the variations. Keeping the same chord progression and replicating it through various synths and building on it throughout the track.

I minimised the vocals to one verse, which is sang twice, then the pre-chorus is kind of the original chorus. The OH's become the climax and chorus I guess. I tried out inserting a Tacet which is something I have never done in my music before.. and I like how the break really makes a difference and emphasises the next section. 

Another new element was deciding to change the groove at the end of the track and introduce a slightly new direction. I think it really drives the dark sound.. the lyric on top sings "I know it". I finished by recording the vocals roughly and could be better. But overall I'm happy with how it has come along. I'm not sure how EDM this track is, but it's more so than any other I have made yet. 

Hope you enjoy listening..

SPUN on Soundcloud

Richard Davis
Traditional animator & musician