Season of sweetie honey. And the bumblebees

Fly in the back garden so rushly

Season of blooming passionately. And flowers of melody[1]

Invade the soul along the palisades


Painted upon the sky are the crystal lovely eyes

Rolling on the ground the fog falling down and down

The sun sets slightly as if it’s walking slowly

Bringing the nostalgia further away day by day

Season of shining diamonds. And through the eyes

Glimpse the curve of the blushing shoulder

In the silence there is voice of self-delusion

Saying the spring has gone with the North wind!

[1] Name of the flower is Melodorum schefferi


@Teacher: This poem was written by my father (Nguyen Kim Huy) in Vietnamese, and translated by me. Could you read it and tell me your idea/comment? Thank you a lot! :)


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