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Splyfe is a progressive streetwear and lifestyle company new for 2013. The intention is to create modern apparel for those who take design seriously. Above are certain colorways for Season 1 concept pieces.


Based out of Toronto but influenced by west coast living, the brand was initially created as a personal set of clothes. Each article being something I would wear, I vowed to never sell anything I deemed unfit. This model for design produced the best results in my mind.


In order to prevent creative restriction the released seasons do not limit themselves to a single theme at a time. Instead, inspiration is taken from several sources. The seasons are also not categorized F/W YYYY, S/S YYYY. They are numbered numerically and each season is given a name. Season 1: The Unseen is the first season. Season 2 will have a different name. This progression breaks away from how traditional brands release their product and I think it will be more fun to follow for people who wear the brand.


Concept pieces now mainly focus on t shirts but also include sweatshirts, crewnecks, baseball jerseys, skate decks, and hats. Splyfe focuses on the products instead of getting too caught up in the history, meanings, and overbranding. That is why first and foremost the products are presented at the beginning of this page. This season also features a collaboration shirt with Implicit

Living Originals

Originals are rare in this era and are highly respected. Living orignals is the working slogan, although it is not currently visible.


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