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Hi there, my name's Angel Lorenzana! I'm currently in the process of teaching myself independently in art and animation so I figured this course might be the perfect place to start! 

The assignment was to think of 3 memories to choose from for our project but I couldn't really think of two others that stood as much to me than this story. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut, right?

This story is about the time my classmates and I took a backstage tour around Universal Studios for bi-annual Stage Production field trip. It was sometime in the beginning of the trip where we go to go backstage for the Waterworld show to check out the special effects behind the scenes and whatnot. Everyone seemed a lot more excited for the exclusive rehearsal show we were invited to. Most people already know this but the stage is basically a set surrounded by a huge pool, where the actors perform a lot of jetskiing stunts and splash the audience. Everyone was SO STOKED TO GET WET except me of course. My teacher and classmates filled up the front of the splash zone as much as they possibly could while I made an effort to sit as far away from it as possible. My best friend Dani noticed this and heckled me for being a sourpuss. Even with the trashbag ponchos my teacher brought to keep us dry I still didn't feel up for it. (It was cold, okay!!) Since I decided to be a partypooper my friend Dani took the opportunity to have me take a photo of everyone getting splashed. I didn't have anything better to do so I took her up on it. 

The show went on and I sat at the highest row in the furthest corner camera-ready with my eye on the lense(/screen? I don't remember how hi-tech the camera was, whoops) Eventually the time had finally come for the big splash and I focused on my class waiting for just the right moment to capture everything. Suddenly I heard a HUGE in-coming wave in the background and in that half-second I thought "wait where did it g--" before an IMPOSSIBLY ENORMOUS BODY OF WATER completely encompassed me entirely. The sensation only lasted for like a second or two but the SHEER FORCE felt like it had lasted an hour. It sounds like i'm exaggerating but trust me when I tell you that it felt like being slapped by a seven foot wave. 

The only thing I remember happening afterwords was me comically lowering the camera from my face and my friend shouting "YOU BETTER NOT'VE GOTTEN MY CAMERA WET!!"

Here's just a couple of head sketches to figure out the caricatures for Dani and I, plus a couple referencial pics of my friend and the waterworld stage for the bg (I probably won't draw much beyond the bleacher stands though) Don't mind the tsuritama screencaps, they're only there for inspiration! It was the first thing that came to mind when I remembered just how soaked I got.

I think I picked this story mostly because it involved me and my best friend, who I've always had the most hilarious dynamic with. I'm the no-fun, finger wagging introvert while she's the arms-crossed, party hardy extrovert that drags me into Wild and Horrible Schemes. The story's also pretty short n' sweet, which is perfect for a storyboard I think!

Please feel free to give me some suggestions or criticism! I appreciate any feedback!


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