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SPAZIO -in Italian- stands for "space". It is a space where you can study, read a book, surf the web, listen to music or meet up with your friends while you grab a snack, a cup of coffee or a cup of tea.

The idea follows the concept of a "coffeehouse", which is not much present in Italy. At regular "bar" (which is the place where you go get coffee in Italy) usually there's not much space to stay and hangout, which might be why Italians drink their coffee and leave right away. However, coffee culture is that, drink and go; not even take-out. SPAZIO would offer the space to stay; perhaps some live music one night a week. It would also promote other cultural events (i.e: art shows, concerts, talks) taking place in the city, even if they are at another venue, in order to get involved in the community.

SPAZIO will strive to offer 0 KM food by using local products on the food and drinks it serves (difficult to meet in the case of actual coffee). Time and opportunity for live events at SPAZIO will be dedicated mainly to local underground artists. Customers can make suggestions on preferences, as well as proposing themselves to be featured. SPAZIO will also take advantage of social media channels to engage customers, advertise for its products and events, and promote other cultural events taking place in Siena. 

- Students (college, high school)
- Locals
- Tourists

- Stay and hang: students, young adults.
- Drink and go: business/office people, tourists.
- Coffee to go: international students mostly, nearby businesses/offices.

3 Biggest Holes
1. The Italian coffee culture is that of “drink and go.” How to or what would make customers “stay”?

2. There are too many traditional coffee bars in Siena, some nicer than others. How to draw customers to yet another bar?

3. The concept of “Café Philosophique” is starting to take-off in Italy. It consists on a mix of bookstore + coffeehouse + daily and numerous events (concerts, talks, art/movie shows, happy hour, theme dinners, book presentations, etc.). SPAZIO would more of a coffeehouse, where you know you can go grab a coffee and chill out. People might confuse it as lame for not having planned events. 


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