SPARC Marketing

 3-5 sentence description of the business or brand you’re marketing:

SPARC is a spiritual guidance organization dedicated helping people of all types and walks of life uncover their full potential by identifying their strengths and enhancing them. We are particularly interested in those on the autism spectrum. The goal is to prepare clients to contribute to society in meaningful ways that bring positivity into the client's life and those around them.

The 11 Questions

1. What is marketing for? Marketing is to help get your story out to those who would benefit from it/your product.

2. What are we allowed to touch? Everything, it's my organization! :)

3. What can we measure? What populations appear the most interested, where the most traffic came from.

4. What can we change? Anything about the product (execution, style, tools, etc.)

5. What should we promise (to our people and customers)? You will walk away knowing more about yourself, what you are innately skilled at, which skills bring you joy, and a starting point to incorporate both into your life more fully.

6. What is the hard part? Getting this message/product to enough people. The friendship/Facebook friend circle will not sustain anything, and to be honest, they have already proven that they will not be willing to pay for it. 

7. Should we make trends or follow them? Both; the marketing approach is following the trends (telling a story), but the class itself is creating a trend.

8. Where is the risk? Not doing the proper beta testing and ending up with a class/approach that is not valid and doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Then it's back to square one.

9. Who is in charge here? Right now, me.

10. What is the money for? Sustaining the organization, getting the organization's name/approach out to core populations (autism community, young adults, etc.).

11. What is the most important way to spend my time? Just realized that I need to get out in the community a bit more. Several key people know that I have been planning things, but no one knows that I am ready to start beta testing!

The Key P's for SPARC

1. Personalization: Despite the fact that the program steps are the same for everyone, there are a wide range of results, and sub results. This is one of the reasons that I've realized that it has to start out either one-on-one or a group first; I can spend time turning things over with each client. Once they have their blueprint, so to speak, I can give them tools to continue their work (also personalized). This one is first because it's my favorite, and something many in my field are not doing as well as they think they are.

2. People Like Us: This is not for everyone, I realize and accept that. This is for people who really want to step outside of their bubbles, get to know what truly makes them happy (and what has always made them happy), and chase after it with a club. It's not for those who are fine with being comfortable and conforming. 

3. Placement/Positioning: I actually did the XY chart in Godin's other class. It helped me see that my concept was not a required forever commitment like some approaches for one of my core populations can be. I also realized that to my knowledge, no one was doing exactly what I was doing. Lots of similarities, but not exactly because an entire industry has been short changing one of my target audiences. Interesting; found a nice niche here.

4. Pricing: I looked at what other self-help type programs, gurus, etc. were charging. I looked at people on my level, and at the superstars in their different fields. I realized that my initial pricing idea was severely short changing my services. People are willing to pay for what works, and what connects to them. Some of my spiritual guidance friends offer some great classes, but they also short change themselves. I believe it is because we are taught that our field is not deserving of sustainable pricing. It's sad, really.

5. Permission: This is important in the sense that if I offer follow up classes on similar topics, the tribe will be open to it. I have gotten very good at this with regard to clients in my regular job (families with special needs infants and toddlers); once I have earned the trust of the child and the parents, they not only allow me to continue being their Developmental Specialist (because they can request another one at any time), but they willingly offer a part of their lives up. I've been invited to parties, dinner, etc. This has to be duplicated with SPARC.


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