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Stand Out Live Original (SOLO) Detroit is a clothing brand that provides individuals that stand out from society quality products at an affordable price. SOLO Detroit isn't just a logo that appears on our clothing, it is a lifestyle that we abide by. To stand out and live original is to take control of the life that you have been given in a manner that coincides with your individual desires. Combined with the influence of a city that has stood strong in the face of adversity, we have created products for individuals who observe more than the   status quo within our society. 


My name is Zack Silver. I'm a 22 year old, Detroit native, and college drop-out chasing a dream of one day owning my own well-renowned clothing company. Two years ago, I started SOLO Detroit in the basement of my good friend and business partner, Jacob Leider’s house. Throughout the first year of SOLO Detroit's inception, I began working on different designs and taught myself various techniques through both Illustrator andPhotoshop. After a year of designing and creating a buzz around Central Michigan University & Michigan State University, the time was finally right to release tangible products and bring my vision to life. In October of 2012, I released my first line of products. This first line of products included a variety of T-shirts, Tank-Tops and Crew-necks. I also released 4 different strap-back hats, with custom, genuine leather straps.


The response to SOLO Detroit was both immediate and overwhelmingly positive. Within a month, we were completely sold out of 3 color-ways of hats and numerous styles of T-shirts. From then on, I knew I had a great opportunity to fulfill my dreams through SOLO Detroit.


Throughout the rest of this past year, my team and I have taken a lot of time tying all of the loose ends behind the scenes.We have spent 6 months working on our business plan, mission statement, marketing plan, retail strategy, vending plans, etc.


After taking the time to address the business end of things within this hectic fashion industry, I am finally ready to share SOLO Detroit with the rest of the street wear community and show everyone who SOLO Detroit is and what it means to Stand Out and Live Original.












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