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Crystal Nwokorie





My project is a website that aggregates and curates african inspired designs and products from designers and artisans across the country. I want it to be the go-to e-commerce platform for African design, connecting innovative SME's with passionate consumers

If you love african inspired designs then you've probably had this experience. You see someone wearing some very unique beaded jewelry, or notice a bold ankara pattern that accentuates their living room's decor perfectly and you wonder "Where did they get this from?" The response, inevitably, is dissapointing at best. 

"Oh that? I got it when I was in Ghana" ... Oh OK this helps me not at all

"Oh this? There's this man that makes them, and sells them at a farmer's market in D.C." ... Oh OK I live in Texas ...

This was, and continues to be, my problem. I love afro centric products, from jewelry to clothes to basketry., home decor. If it has an afro-centric print, pattern, or shape I'm interested.  However, when I'm not in Africa, I find it difficult to find these things, even though I know they exist. The market for african inspired products in the U.S. is fragmented, most of the players are usually hobbyists, micro and SME establishments spread out across the nation and you don't always know where to go to find what you're looking for. 

During this project I would like to develop a landing page that will communicate the value proposition to potential customers and get them to "sign-up" for additional information


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