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Helene Vienna

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Smooth Operator

I'm still a big fan of this class which is why I gave it another try. It's so much fun combining digital with analog illustration. There is just something a little more personal about it. 

This time the project is about recipe cards I'm working on, in this case the Smooth Operator (Smoothie). Something still feels unfinished. I'm really digging the colors and handling paths in PS becomes easier too. I was thinking of incorporating the title but feel it's too full if I do.

As always, I'm happy to read your feedback!



Lover's Food
 (Inky Illustration Workshop: Make An Inky Valentine in 14 Days!)

Milestone 1: After collecting a few different ideas, I navigated back to an inital idea I thought was too cheesy to share. Food and cooking is on the top of my "What I can't live without"-list. So I asked my boyfriend what his favorite dishes of mine are and will be illustrating them. Because after all: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

One thing I want to avoid is to use typical colors such as reds and pinks; it doesn't necessarily have to be all hearts and flowers to indicate it's Valentine. (Just a little challenge for myself. :))


All these different styles from simple displays on a minimal or decorative background to recipes are very inspirational. I'm not quite sure if it's gonna be five different dishes or just one. I'll play around with that in my sketches.

Milestone 2: As for my sketches, I'm not sure which one to pick and work more on: Maybe you guys have any preferences and thoughts? The quote should definitely be part of the artwork.


Milestone 3: I've decided to illustrate the apron first, since it's going to be the key piece. Here are a few rough ideas that play with the wording, as well as color (not sure which to pick yet) and little details on the apron itself.

So far, I really like the first one as simple as it is and how the wording is applied on it. I might hand letter the wording to give it a personal touch, this font fits the first sketch however. My own challenge was to not use pink, but I went with it first as I had trouble finding colors to combine. 


I finally narrowed it down to my five objects and simplified the apron to not make it genderspecific. This is my base illustration:




Milstone 5: This is my intepretation of Valentine's Day without using the typical symbols and colors. Not sure if the massive use of ink textures made it look too messy, but I sure had fun messing around. :)


Let's Get Married!

With my friends getting married, I wanted to dedicate this fun project to them.

Since I'm traveling, I do not have the chance to scan and used my phone during the best light situation possible to take pictures. I rather quickly decided on what I wanted (and not wanted) to show and ended up with this sketch:


My next step was to digitalize the basic forms and choose the colors:


As far as the textures go, I can really suggest scanning them in in a good resolution and making them bigger as you want them to look like in the finaly image … I'm gonna have to re-do this process, once I'm back home.


The result (for now) looks like this:


I definitely need to work with a better resolution and am thinking about changing the texture as well as the color up.

Let me know what you think! Any feedback is welcome. :)


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