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My name is Justin and I am hoping that this project will give me the skills required to visualise and communicate ideas for movies,books,games and anything else that would be easier to explain with pictures.



I am going to be using a sketchpad and mechanical pencil followed by fineliner as my physical medium of choice. I also hope to include most of the theoretical tools explained thus far including affinity vs contrast, flat to deep space and other new skills learned on the way.


3 Ideas

My idea pool consists of:

1. The Day I Won a Medal - I did Tae-Kwon-Do for a few years and once entered a tournament and although I didn't win, I didn't loose either. (Plenty of action and character).

2. The Day We Got a Dog - On the way home from a family visit we picked up our new puppy...and the car broke down. (Some drama and everyone loves puppies). 

3. The Day of The Triffids - A friend asked for some help with their gardening which it turned out they hadn't done in a very long time, heavy machinery and destruction ensued. (Possibly humourous but more likely mundane).


Although each might have it's merits I'm choosing the action of The Day I Won a Medal as it contains the most content relevant to my subject tastes and plenty of oppertunity to employ the perspective and staging skills gleaned in earlier lessons.


Taking the cues from the lesson I have researched various facets of my story in order to better portray it.

The main concept is that of a matial arts tournament so the setting here is clearly important:

The place is filled with crowds, refs and of course other competitors:


I also thought that my own memories of the event and what lead up to it would be useful frames of reference:


And the entire event would have been nothing if not for the emotion of fighters, spectators and especially winners:


There were also my own emotions to contend with at that young age and being the first time entering a tournament of any kind:




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