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SMF Staging and Redesign

What is SMF Staging: SMF Staging assists homeowners/realtors to sell their homes faster and for more money by highlighting the best features of the house while downplaying the least attractive. SMF Staging also works with homeowners who are not moving, but want a new and fresh look to their home. We do this by rearranging, repurposing, editing or adding to the homeowners existing possessions in new and fresh ways.


Vision: Create a service company that assists homeowners/relator to sell houses for the most money in the shortest amount of time – while reducing the stress and anxiety that comes with selling a home.


Mission: Be the “go to” staging company for the Central California region for occupied or minimally furnished homes. Assist homeowners who are staying in their homes to “fall in love” with their home all over again.


Values: Customer comes First / Educate / Empathetic / Continuous Learning to keep Current / On Trend/ Respectful / Trustworthy / Fun / Reliable /Flexible / Honest / Knowledgeable /Satisfaction Guarantee / Creative / Resourceful


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