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SM II: Katrina's Adventure with Gouache


My name is Katrina Corral, an aspiring illustrator for both adults and kiddos. For this class the medium I've been itching to work with is gouache which I had a tiny bit of experience with in the one art class I took in college. I hope to really become more comfortable with this medium and learn some new tips and tricks along the way!


Practice 1: Warm Up

For this class I decided to make gouache my new best friend and today I drew feather from my magic cinnamon jar. 

I decided to choose Prussian Blue and Grey from my dusty collection of gouache and my goal for today was to just really move around the paint and see if it can be altered after drying, how much paint I needed, how far it can be stretched and so forth and I think I did so not so prettily with my Happy New Year attempt:


I quickly realized that you need some patience and finesse when working with this material. After adding more and moving the paint around I attempted to use gouache with my feather prompt: 


Initially I just wanted to use gouache without implementing ink (a material I use the most), but my patience was running thin as I'm used to making art quickly and unfortunately I grabbed the nearest pen and went to work. 


As a result the lettering suffered; however, I was able to try gradients with this piece which is something I'm happy with. All in all I would say this was definitely an educational day with gouache. I learned that you need to take your time and not rush anything while getting to know the medium. 


Practice 2: Something You Love

I absolutely adore making patterns (mostly patterns of leaves and other things of nature) and usually I combine one colorful medium with ink, but this time around I put the ink down, slowly walked away and I love the result. The leaves are definitely more raw than I'm used to, but I love that the page is still full. 



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