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SLPR : So Long Past Regrets

Brand Name: SLPR

Slogan: So Long Past Regrets

A reminder for people to not let their mistakes leave them stagnant. Admit it, learn from it, but most importantly move forward and become better.


SLPR can stand for two things. Born from lessons I’ve learned that occurred years apart. The first from a class in high school, the other from life.

The first idea for SLPR came to me during an English class in high school. Our teacher, Mr. Petrov was Russian and taught our class with the matching accent that made lessons more interesting or difficult depending on who you asked. Poetry was the focus for that day and we proceeded to the usual task of breaking them down. Not until our teacher referenced Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” did I lift my head from the Calvin and Hobbes-like daydream I usually induced myself into. It was specifically the fourth stanza of the poem that was used in an old Charles Bronson spy movie that caught my attention. In the movie, the stanza was used as a trigger to wake the “sleepers” planted by the Soviet Union.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

Mr. Petrov went on to explain the difference between what a sleeper was in comparison to everyone's stereotypical idea of a spy. The main point I took away was that sleepers can stay hidden for years blending into society to become our friends and neighbors all the while collecting intelligence or waiting for that moment until they’re activated. I was interested in the idea of very special people hiding amongst the population. Confident of who they are without seeking attention for it. Even more interesting is that “sleepers” were actually in the limelight a few years back with the movie Salt along with the news coverage about the FBI arresting 10 Russian agents. Two of them lived in New Jersey.

For years, I allowed the idea of “sleepers” to rattle around in my head, where it eventually settled somewhere in the back of my mind to collect dust.

It wasn’t until a few years ago when a close friend of mine passed away that caused me to finally “wake” the “sleepers” idea. I always planned on starting a clothing brand that my friends and I could work on and enjoy. I can still remember creating homemade pants from fabric I purchased from the local craft store, then rocking them in school the next day. Just looking back reminds me of how terrible those pants that I made were. But at the same time, I wouldn’t change a thing or tell myself to reconsider because I loved making my own clothes then and I still do now. The close group of friends that I had always urged me to start my brand and I always replied with, “I will. In time. Don’t worry.” But instead, I focused on just having fun and delayed it.

As expected, Life can sometimes have a messed up way of telling a person to get off their ass. When my friend died, life effectively kicked that chair from under me and proceeded to lay that ground and pound on me UFC-style. Definitely one of the worst moments in my life. Everything changed. My group just lost a friend and our friend Pat would never be able to see the clothes I was supposed to make. All my plans up to that point became useless and the only thing that I was left with was the knowledge that I fucked up. And that’s where I stayed for a few weeks. Stuck in my head and searching.

Inside is where I finally started to tell myself to not get stuck and move. There’s no use for staying upset and mad for too long. I procrastinated and thought I had all the time in the world; a common trait shared by the young and naive. I understood my failure, then started to move on. Finally began brainstorming on that clothing brand my friends had been waiting for, came across that dusty, old “sleepers” idea, and came out saying to myself, "So Long Past Regrets."

Given the current social climate regarding espionage and the stigma of it’s association to terrorism, our idea of a “sleeper” isn’t the same as the type plotting against governments, but is equally confident, smart, and calculating. Our sleeper is less spy/assassin and more of a person knowing more than they are letting you see. They are confident in what sets them apart, but aren’t in a hurry to reveal it. They feel the same about what they wear and SLPR clothes reflect this. Our clothes aren’t usually designed to gain your attention from afar, but our attention to detail will definitely gain your respect upon closer inspection.

SLPR isn’t solely for those who are already confident with who they are, but definitely for the individuals who have still yet to realize their potential. To us, anyone who can find confidence in what sets them apart can be a sleeper. From the Will Huntings and the Uncle Phils of the world, or to anyone who has made people’s jaws drop by exceeding what’s expected, you are our sleeper.

SLeePeR : So Long Past Regrets

You can call us "Sleeper" or S-L-P-R. You'll be right either way.


I intended the wordmark to be simple and bold because I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use it as a frame or visual nest for the SLPR dagger icon. The shape of the letters had to be bold and thick to be able to carry the dagger visually. If the letters weren't as bold, the logo would risk losing the strength that was designed for it to impose.

The name SLPR(So Long Past Regrets) is true to its "spy thriller" roots by having multiple meanings, including it being similar to a contrived acronym. This is similar to those of fictional organizations in movies like SPECTRE(Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion) from the James Bond series or S.H.I.E.L.D(Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate from the recent Avengers movie. I had the option of adding the periods after each letter to signify that they stand for a longer word or do without them all together. I decided to do away with all of them but one because the periods would separate the letters and the "nest" I was trying to create to enclose the dagger icon in. I kept the one period at the end to aid in the visual strength of the wordmark by guiding the viewer into reading the brand's name as a statement.


Once again harking back to SLPR's origins being influenced by espionage thrillers, I used the shape of a Persian dagger with an S-shape quillon as SLPR's icon. The symbol of a dagger connects to the subject of espionage on several levels. 

  • The term "Cloak and Dagger" can refer to instances where espionage and secrecy are involved.
  • A dagger is often associated with deception and stealth.
  • Daggers were the primary weapon of Persian hashashins(assassins).

Although the visual of a dagger can be sinister, like our version of a "sleeper," our "dagger" isn't always meant to be ominous. Since daggers can be used as weapons, our "weapons" are the messages we convey through our clothes, graphics, and brand in general. This then completes the "Cloak and Dagger" circle. The "cloak" are the clothes that we create and the "dagger" is the message/graphics on our pieces. 

Extra Credit: Scaled versions of logo

Extra Credit: Apply Your Brand to a Car

Keep your eyes open and from time to time you'll notice that we'll drop hints of "fox" characteristics here and there. We at SLPR feel that the fox is sort of our spirit animal. We relate to the reputation of foxes being more brains than brawn, but can still be formidable when the moment asks for it.

To give the Kia Soul that SLPR spin, we once again started from the point of view of a sleeper. To blend in with the populace, a sleeper wouldn't use an actual camouflage, but that's exactly what we created. We designed a digital camouflage pattern with colors inspired by fox fur instead of the expected woodland greens and desert hues.

We made a conscious decision to not cover the whole vehicle with fox camo. Limiting where the camo can be seen invites people to come closer to the Kia. An added benefit that will allow the car to show off it's other features and amenities. When up close, they'll realize that the pattern is even more remarkable because almost all of the colors are matte except for parts of the oranges. Small sections of the camo's oranges have been given an almost unnoticeable "pearl" effect. When hit by light at a certain angle, the colors will give a faint glimmer adding depth to the colors of the car.

Upcoming Pieces


The theme for our upcoming season was inspired by one of the greatest football players of all time, Walter Payton. If you aren’t familiar with American Football and the man they called, “Sweetness,” watch this clip of some of his highlights before continuing.

It was this specific quote that sparked my ideas for most of these upcoming pieces.

"Never die easy. Why run out of bounds and die easy? Make that linebacker pay. It carries into all facets of your life. It's okay to lose, to die, but don't die without trying, without giving it your best." 

- Walter Payton

"Never die easy." For a young brand like ours, that mentality was what kept us going during the difficult days when things just weren’t going our way. Printers not cooperating or designs from your mind not translating exactly the way you like on paper. I’m sure most, if not all of you can sympathize. But it was those three words that kept us motivated. Mr. Payton was right that it could carry into all facets of life. You’ve seen that he meant every word from how he played the game. Stick with us and in time you’ll find that we’re as equally passionate about the clothing we’ll be creating.

Never die easy.

Customer Profile

Our shirts are designed for males ranging in age from 18 to early 30s. The customer we have in mind when designing is someone who is mature enough to appreciate a shirt that might hold a little bit of a message if they choose to look for it.


We plan to keep our shirts in the range of $25-$30. Over time we would expand into even better materials and more complicated pieces. Those will obviously reflect a higher price range, but we're planning to always have a base tier of shirts that are affordable for our target market. We were once kids that loved shirts as well, so we can sympathize to those that can't drop nearly $100 on a shirt. This base range would allow new customers to get a taste of what we're capable of and eventually consider purchasing our higher end clothing.

Dark Horse

For those who share our love for playing the underdog. The unexpected. The ones that just might be crazy enough to win it all.

Never Die Easy

We show an object(barbed wire) that is commonly used to hold people back, take it apart, and bend it to our will. 

Fox Skull and Poison

Pocket tee. Look closely and the snake's scales hold a hidden "S."

Circle Logo Tank

Sliced Logo Tank

"Knickerbocker" colors.

Field Test

We took some of the pieces to the F1 race in Montreal to see how they would fare in the real world.

Off to the races.

Mark gathering the troops.

John walking the track after the race.

Close up of the Circle Logo Tank Jeff is wearing.

Dagger concealed, but always in reach.

SLPR at the finish line.

Extra SLPR info:


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