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SKIMATX (skee-mat-ik,) was created by me and three of my cousins back in high school just as way to express ourslefs and just to make our own brand and to add a little twist to the streetwear,skating,and hip hop sceene we cared so much about we wanted to create a brand that created a postive expression and feel we chose the name skimatx beacuse the true spelling of the name is schematic \and the defention is a diagram,a plan,or a drawing basicly a blue print and this was our blue print of our life.

So here is our logo it started out as a  s and x the first and last letter in our name but we wanted somthing abstract somthing that looked total diffrent but somthing that was bold somthing that would draw your eye and you wouldnt forget and the 4 dots represents us because there is 4 of us and because of the elemnts of nature water,earth,wind,and fire 


next we have our font we wanted to create our own font for our name because we just wanted it to match the logo but still have a diffrent unique look then any other font you seen before  the font was created on graph paper then took it on illastratior and cleaned it up


now here we have the shirt i created i just wanted to create a simple clean shirt using both the logo and the font with 2 colors somthing you can see from far away so hope you enjoy and thanks for looking peace and love .







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