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SKETCHES: Black & White & Red All Over

Sorry this is a bit late... I ended up taking a trip out of town over the weekend. All feedback much appreciated! :)

Sketch 1... I have the bad habit of trying to make sketches too complete with shading and detail.... this sketch definitely falls into that trap.

Sketch 2... I told myself that I needed to make this one detailed to get the full effect of the ruffled skirt, but there's no way I could go over this guy with watercolors. A fun exercise, though :)

Sketch 3... After making myself watch Katie's video on sketching again, I definitely felt more comfortable with this sketch, but I don't feel that the simple lines of the dress itself are that compelling to me.

Sketch 4... Bingo! I'm happy with this dress and sketch and feel good about moving forward here.


Some of my favorite pieces from the past few seasons, featuring Dior, Valentino & McQueen.


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