SKETCH - Vintage Romance

My oldest daughter talked me into signing up for the class. I was pretty reluctant because I seriously struggle to draw stick figures. But developing some sort of drawing skill was on my Things To Do This Year list. So here I am. :)

I finished three sketches, but I guess I need to draw a little darker, because they didn't show up well for my scanner to capture them. I'll try to fix that tomorrow and rescan them. Until then, here's my first sketch. 

There must be some trick to drawing necks and shoulders, but I certainly don't know what it is. I'm pretty happy with the way the skirt turned out, but I really could use some tips on drawing a torso!

The second one I just had to try to sketch. I just love this pose. I'm sorry the lines are so faint.

And finally, this one.

Trying to capture the flow of this dress was SO hard! And the layered fabric "ribbon"! Oh my! But overall I'm pretty happy with it. At least my model in this one doesn't look like a linebacker. :)

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