SKETCH (Updated) : Volume & the Olsens


Excuse the quality, I don't have a scanner, so this is the best I can do right now.

Hope to get some constructive feedback! :)

Updated : 

First : the one Katie did

Second : The girl with the blue skirt (reposted right below the sketch)

Had some trouble figuring out how to do the leg on this one, so if you have any suggestions please let me know :)


My prefered style is relaxed and cool, but I enjoy the occasional girly elements, volume, BIG oversized coats (and jumpers, tops, dresses...). For this challenge I decided to go for volume, flowey fabric, skirts, dresses and coats, and leave the jeans behind. What I didn't manage to leave behind, however, was my love for the Olsens - especially Mary-Kate. [Sorry about that]

I have not yet decided which looks I prefer the most, which ones I'll go for when I get down to the sketching, but here is at least a collection of looks I both love fashion wise, and for fashion illustration.

I cannot wait to get started!

A bit late, but just had to add a few more dresses before I start sketching ;)

I love the flowet and blue fabric in this picture

This dress is simply to die for - I've never gotten it out of my mind

Flow & volume

Dream coat with amazing volume

Again, volume and structure - love it

An amazing piece - love the entire look : the back jewelry, lips, hair and last but not least - the dress

Love this outfit - already tried drawing it once before

The orange dress


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