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SKETCH - 3/18 - kooky pleats and volume and shapes

3/18/2013 - sketches are below - I tend to overwork sketches (like the full length one with the glasses I stopped myself there but thats more my style - over detail and really tense) so I tried to be a bit looser and let the watercolor fill in the volume.  Will probably try to paint all just for experiment's sake.  

This is a new set of inspiration images - I started sketching and realized that I needed more well, kookoo and crazy images to work from.  I dug a little more and really just want to draw crazy shapes, pleats, quirky details and volume:

I wish this Chanel dress were a different color but  shape is CRAZY and wonderful.  I am figuring out how on earth this shape is happening by sketching it over and over again.  I wish it were coral but whatever.  I love it.


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