SHRWLTH | Skillshare Projects

Calvin Chin

Creative Director




The brand is called SHRWLTH - share wealth. Start by printing designs on tees. Our mantra is all about collaborating and cross promotion. Helping local businesses, artists and musicians get recognition by helping each other. We believe it is the best way to create networks and to spread our message. We also will donate a portion of every product sold to the charity Zig Zag Foundation - just another way to help give back to the community. We try to be nice guys here haha.

Updated brand mission statement:

SHRWLTH stands for ‘Share Wealth’ - a concept inspired by music, art, street style and design. We form partnerships within the community to share the wealth of our experience and opportunities - working with local businesses, artists, musicians and charitites. We believe in creating ideas, combining strategies and collaborating skills to design everyday apparel items.


Updated business card branding:


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