SHARRISTOCRAT - student project

Hello future web guru's. I hope you are all having as much fun as I am.

My name is Sarah Harris. Probably one of the most common names on the planet. I have been for years trying to exemplify my personality with a spin off of my name. I finally came to it- sharristocrat. The best sharris of its kind quite in fact. Well one day! When I get a sweet website up and runninggg!!!

So I do not like to label myself because I tend to meander in to different fields and paths and wander around the world getting my hands dirty in different things. But, I am a trained fashion designer, self-proclaimed as a creative, described by most as a total weirdo.

I was going to hire my friend to make a website, but when I saw this course, I thought- the hell with it- it would be way cooler to make my own website. I have been using a tumblr currently to show employers what I do, but it is just not enough. And after all of this schooling and learning, I would like to be taken seriously and given a real shot.

So here I am, its April 6, 2013, and I am in Los Angeles making a website.


Check out what I'm doing at