SG - Repeating pattern

SG - Repeating pattern - student project

I have been working on seamless patterns within Procreate and my iPad for a few months, now expanding to Illustrator and my computer. I recently switched from Windows OS to a Mac and this was my introductory course into not only Illustration but Mac as well. Sometimes I felt completely lost as I am learning new key strokes and short cuts, BUT I FINALLY MADE IT. I don't have a Wacom tablet but used my iPad and the Procreate app to sketch everything out. Only until I finally started putting each piece together did I have anything faith I would create something worth sharing, but so glad I stuck through it. Now onto Bonnie's other classes so I can really get a handle. I am so excited and proud of myself for making it this far!


SG - Repeating pattern - image 1 - student projectSG - Repeating pattern - image 2 - student projectSG - Repeating pattern - image 3 - student projectSG - Repeating pattern - image 4 - student project

Stephanie Zunick

Artist & Mindfulness Teacher