Miachel Breton

Food Photographer




I've only lived on the West Coast for 6 months, but I already love this crazy city. I shot these with my 60D and a kit lens, but now I'm saving up for a wide angle. 

1) portrait

I dig the odd textures covering the MUNI stop and the serious conversation this guy was having on his phone.

2) look up

I walk by this building almost every day, and the way sunlight catches the outbreaks is so interesting. I also love how this tree towers against the building's face.

3) motion

Trying to capture the bus and its reflection while it passes by my stop. 

4) night

I work late nights in Noe Valley, and it's crazy to me how the landscape can change in one block. 

Had an awesome time learning and shooting in this class. Thank you!



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