SF Bay Chili Cookoff - Pitch to Competitors

Hi everyone...

I apologize for my tardiness on the upload.

About me:  I feel like when I speak in front of people I lose some of the things I like best about my personality... the sponteneity, enthusiasm, and empathy.  I want to be able to look people in the eye, speak at a calm cadence, and really let those characteristics shine through.  I'm looking forward to learning how be more authentic when in public speaking situations.

My talk:  I am working on an fundraiser event here in Oakland, CA.  This video is my first stab at a pitch to businesses and organizations to participate as competitors.  Largely these will be strangers and I won't have a lot of context about their motivations (something that REALLY throws me off when speaking).  

No doubt you will have a lot of feedback on how it can improve and I welcome it.  For me, I feel like there are so many issues it's hard for me to prioritize where to start.  It would be helpful to hear what things you find most distracting or could be most improved.  



Link to video:  http://youtu.be/9DszIkg9nj8


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