SEOmetrics - student project

Project overview

SEOmetrics is a vision of two "Internet guys" specializing in search marketing and web application engineering.

SEOmetrcis is a hyper focused SaaS application that aggregates important SEO data into one easy-to-use reporting dashboard. We partner with some of the industries leading data providers such as Google, Facebook and SEOmoz, just to name a few.

We are focused on setting ourselves apart from our competition by creating the most technologically advanced and user friendly SEO tool on the market all while keeping our users needs first and foremost.

One of the most important aspects of SEOmetrics is the ease of creating white labeled SEO reports. Literally click a few radio buttons telling our system what metrics to include in your reports, pick any dates that you would like the reports to automatically run on and you are  done.

Where we are at now

SEOmetrics launched as of mid November, 2012. We are in the process of onboarding our first paying users as well as cultivating feedback from our trial users. We are actively analyzing our conversion funnel in order to learn where we need to focus for optimization.

As of late last month we have also embarked on recruiting a third partner who would act as a senior application developer so we can react faster on the technology front.

You can check out the website below and sign up for a trial account to see things in action.

Our Aquisition Channels

1. SEO

2. A/B testing

We will be using SEOmetrics to track success along with GA experiments.

User Acquisition Results

The results of A/B testing our homepage on our marketing site has proven that we needed to do some optimizing on our homepage, baddly :)

We updated our positioning statement, added data partners on the homepage and also refined the main "hero" graphic which is now better aligned with the product offering and market segment we are targeting.

We then wrote a series of blog posts which targeted specific long tail searches in order to drive some traffic to the new GA experiement. The optimized landing page is currently converting new users at 38% and has an 86% percent chance of out performing the original landing page.

The new version of our landing page can be seen at the link below. We plan on further optimizing and doing another round of A/B testing once the experiment is over and we analyze the data.

original landing page:
optimized landing page: