SEO Technique

SEO Technique - student project

Workshop Assignment: "Share your favorite technique you’ve learned, and how you imagine it improving your SEO and informing future content creation."


So above you get to see my glorious writing. It's quick and dirty, unlike SEO. "But Freyja, how are you going to optimize your site?" Um... hmm. I'm not sure. Or am I?

My favorite SEO technique would have to do with on-page optimization. I watched that part of the video, internally cringing, because well, my site is not optimized. It's not going to show up on Google, or if it does, it'll be, like, the 382nd page.

Before now, I didn't know that our meta description went into the snippet. I'd been leaving off the meta description all together! "What's that do? Nothing, Freyja!" Oh. I was wrong.

And while I write about various topics, but all within the same subject, give or take, I didn't know how important keeping the keyword in all aspects of the page was!

And I'm just going to give a shout out to myself: no, you don't want to write "this picture is of butts" on the alt text. I'm sure a bunch of blind people (if they came to my site) either were read nothing because I didn't fill in the alt text, or they thought I stuck a picture of butts up there.

Dang it, now I've gotta go change all those.

On-page optimization. There are so many important aspects that I was either not doing, or writing in dumb things because I thought they were placeholders.

Anyway, it's going to get my site seen. Traffic will go up (maybe.) I'll make more sales once I get my business fully flying. That will all be because I got seen. Because I got out there. Because when someone searched my keywords, they got... ME!

As for future content creation, it will never again be neglected in favor of butts. Future content creation will also drive my product creation; maybe when I see what people are searching for, it'll light a fire under my face (thought I was gonna say "butt," didn't you?) and I'll have some kind of inspiration for a product idea. That is, I'll use my knowledge of SEO for backward research. 

All right then!

Freyja Taylor
Graphic Web Designer and Planner Junkie