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SEO For Everyone Workshop

Assignment: Share three keywords or phrases you identified that you plan to incorporate into future content and explain why these keywords or phrases are important for your audience. 


My business (that I'm still trying to get off the ground) is a creative planning supply shop. With stickers to stick, clips to clip, and bookmarks to (hopefully not) lose, I have everything planned out.

Except, what the heck is SEO? Something I probably should have looked more into.

For the record, I am not the best at networking. I'm incredibly shy, am a ball of anxiety, and I am that girl who laughs at her own bad puns. In my thirties now, I don't think I've ever grown past the seagull joke from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. (Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay, they'd be bagels.)

I do know that I have some kind of quirkiness that is apparently endearing, so I've got that going for me.

But what keywords would I use for my creative planning biz?

Well, not "creative planning," because that is apparently a company! But maybe. We'll put it on the back burner. The thing is it's just not going to pop up with decorative planning resources in the way that I'd like it to.

Here are the winners for big keywords!

1. Decorative Planning. This is an important one because it is another term for creative planning, but isn't a company. That's the obvious. Decorative planning still implies creativity, and the stickers and odds and ends that you'd put in your planner. It's like the Happy Planner brand sticker books but, you know, handmade. Mom and... cat... shop made. People in the decorative planning community are looking to decorate, so that's a pretty obvious keyword.

2. Plan With Me. This is the term that will bring up tens of thousands of Youtube videos, some from people who have over a million subscribers. Now, this encompasses many different sorts of planners but it gets you to the same idea. As I plan (LOL) to have a plan with me channel getting going, it's only natural to adopt this keyword to get my audience from my blog to videos and to my shop, or whatever route between those they choose to take. Or end up taking.

3. Planner Accessories. This keyword is a catch-all. Some people don't know exactly what it is they're looking for when they start out. They, if anything like me, will look for this keyword. And why not? It takes you to a bunch of good sites! And as I make other things besides stickers, it's more inclusive of my business as a whole. 

And I don't have to stick with just three keywords. I can add more. I can go more specific say for Sunday when all the planning is done, or Washi Wednesday, which I always forget about until I see someone else do it. And then there's also your midweek spreads on Wednesday.

We don't talk about Wednesday.

But we could.


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