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SEO Agency Life, plus bonus shitty first drafts

I was so happy to discover this class -- I really enjoyed your visual data presentation class last year, Catherine. As I've recently been struggling with updating my CV and, being an SEO, putting together a website/web résumé, this was just the thing. Predictably, the site's still under construction, simply because the good old PDF résumé is the paper equivalent of an Ambien and Beethoven's 3rd, I'm not a developer, and I couldn't in good conscience put any of it online.

So I desperately needed a few new ways of thinking about this -- and good news, I found 'em!

Since we share a love of donuts, have a snackable The Life of Me:


I made this using Adobe Draw -- I hadn't checked it out prior to this class, but it is really, really neat. I usually use Concepts for my sketchnotes at work (meeting doodles and notes, project roadmaps), sometimes Sketches Pro or Paper by 53 if I want a less involved interface and can get away with using not as many tools. (For instance, colleagues asked me to illustrate a project presentation for them; and I'm gonna be putting it on a whiteboard live while they're presenting, so I needed it to be simple to (re-)create. Sadly, I can't share it here, but I'm really stoked. :D)

Here are some shitty first drafts/exercises, too:

My desk at work:



I kinda combined the personality types and learning preferences -- it's a little hard to read because of the contrast, but the green dots represent my time studying at university, blue's my current job.



Note to 13-year-old self: the homework never stops.


Again, thanks so much for sharing your ideas and all the resources!


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