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My name is Tyler, I'm 20 years old and I live in Tacoma, WA. I try to head up to Seattle every weekend with my best friend, we try to find a new place to shoot every week. I use my iPhone, a Fujifilm X20, and a Canon T3i.

First things first, my main mode of transportation are my feet. In Seattle, there are a lot of grueling hills and stairs and steps to haul up. So I try to dress accordingly: comfy jeans, padded shoes (in this case some well-broken in Forces with some jeans from AllSaints).

This is my best friend Chris. We're always up in Seattle together, joined at the hip. Most of the pictures I take are of this dude doing whatever random thing he's doing at the time. I put a camera in his hand a few years back and ever since then our love and passion for photography has grown.

This is the underground transit tunnel on University Street. We waited a good few minutes for the station to empty out, as this is during rush hour. I usually take the Westlake tunnel for transit purposes but Westlake is pretty boring and grimy in terms of architecture. The coolest looking station is over in the International District, need to make my way over there sometime soon. 

Pier 62/63 is a standard tourist spot as it offers astounding views in all directions. From here you can get a good look at Seattle's skyline, and then if you turn around you get a crystal clear view of Elliot Bay. The aquarium and Ferris wheel are right next to it, lots of fishing docks around it too. Bring your own paddles and balls if you want to play table tennis, I've only seen that table utilized once since I've been up but it's always a nice focal point for pictures.

Around dusk.

Travel a little further north towards Olympic Park and you'll find this walking overpass that gives you a clear view down Alaskan Way. Here you can see the cityscape as well as Safeco and CenturyLink fields to the right where the Mariners and Seahawks/Sounders play respectively. On a clear day you can see Mt. Rainier all the way to the right there. Clear days are especially hard to come by during the autumn/winter seasons, but you can chance upon a few of them during the spring/summer seasons.

Seattle has a fair share of parking garages with open rooftops so Chris and I like to get some cool vantage points from up there. This particular one near City Target had a little room that you could climb on top of to get a little extra height.

Back on ground zero, there are plenty of alleyways spread through downtown, some of them are really sketch and smell like hobo pee because well ... yeah. This one's between two upscale hotels so we figured it would be an okay spot.

We're back down at the Pier, it's the best place to get an unobstructed view of the sunset, should be able to get a few choice shots in before dark.

After a few rounds of late-night pool at Taphouse, it's time to head back and catch some sleep. But the night isn't finished until the cops show up. The homeless people get restless at night, they're always up to something weird. Anyways, back home we go.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of Seattle, of course there are many more places that I didn't post pictures of but I'm always finding and documenting more as I travel along. If you're ever in Seattle and want to hit some spots together, hit me up on Twitter or Instagram and I'd definitely be down to explore some more.


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