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Scumbags Don't Cry



SDC (God Help Us)


First things first I am happy to have stumble across this site and this class from one of my favorite designer, Jeff Staple it was a no brainer for me to subscribe and join his class and I enjoyed some of the insight that he touched on in the video. I found it to be very helpful and Mr.Staple went over some things I myself never took into consideration.

Lxcvls Xnly: First Brand

So this will be my quick intro to myself Cam Johnson. I am orginial from NYC but now reside in RVA (Richmond, Virginia) to be specific. Now this isn't my first project nor my first brand. I had a brand like 2-3 years ago called Lxcvls Xnly (Locals Only). I had some minor success but envitably tanked. I like to think concept and excution was there, but the pitfalls that I faced was on pricing and marketing and growing the brand to be fully realized. There were alot of thing that I had never thought of made me stop a rethink of every facit of creating a brand that can last the test of time.




SDC: New Direction

So 3 months ago I thought that I will get back on the horse and give it another try. I call it "Scumbags Don't Cry"(SDC) I know it kinda sounds like a tumblr header but its more of a way of thinking that I subscribe to much like my previous brand. I feel as tho it is a natural evolution than a step back.

But enough about that we are here for my conceptual design.


The Design.

So we start with this picture. Smoking Nuns. The raw aesthetic this of this picture speaks to the subject matter of right and wrong, good vs evil, religion and reballion. This will serve as my base for this project.

What we have next is some fonts and picture that i felt will complement the overall design.




Utimatly I landed some where in the middle that will serve as my back piece to the design.


The fade on the skull made me think of a diffrent way to show that on a t-shirt. So I figured that I would print on the face on the inside of the shirt that will show up faded if you look at it on the back of the t-shirt. The challange is to repurpose or have a re-design on the skull for it to show up more legible.


Specs and Application.

50/50 Cotton Tshirt

Screen Printing 

Photoshop Design



The Final Product:

The shirt is now in production. Im cutting it super close during the holiday season, but I am planning on dropping this design at the top of the year as well as a hat to go along with it.


Website: C26.Squarespace.Com


Email: [email protected]

PS. I Know this was long winded but thanks for all consideration and critiques and the views




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