Paul Mangini

Founder & design director






     It's a matter of realism - the essence of your surroundings.  Accepting and acknowledging who's behind the curtain.  The build up and the break down of a stage.  There's a plot and a plan behind everything; a scheme.  It's there - but first you must feel it, and if you want to see it; open your eyes. 

                                                        SCHEME NEW YORK 

      From the streets of New York, to the hands of streetwear enthusiasts, we bring to you a brand that makes you feel like a part of the infamous New York culture.  While demonstrating a stern attitude, and look, we strive to supply our customers with only the best quality materials.  Our clothing is simple, yet timeless - and always crafted in USA.  Quality and durability is our thing, and not only will you see and feel it, you'll know it.  From the dirty subways to the outside elements, Scheme New York will provide you with the highest quality goods, durability, strength, and a sense of power - all while maintaining a street look.  


       In a community and culture where paint meets walls, money touches the hands of all, and fashion meets the streets - we strive to convey a simple, yet grounding feel for all walks of life.  NYC streets are busy, and so is your mind, body and soul - so, we encourage holding onto a more natural grip of reality.  Being in touch with yourself is the most important aspect of street culture and urban lifestyles.                                         ________________________________________________________________________________

Bringing together a sense of art, style, and taste - we present to you our selection of hand-printed tees, tanks, and crewnecks - portraying a warming feeling of time and love into each of our hand-made products.   

      Each order is packaged with 100% recycled craft paper, tied with twine, and stamped making the overall look classic.

Stickers - 

  • Instagram: @SCHEMENEWYORK

         A variety of basic prints hit home for an everyday look.  


      While in reality we have a short selection of apparel - we are working very hard for the upcoming seasons, and promise a whole new feel.  Remember, What You See Is Only Surface ©.


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