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Rahni Lawrence

Co-owner at SBi




NAME: Rahni Lawrence (@SBiRAHNi)

AGE: 19


BRAND NAME: SBi - Surrounded By idiots

SLOGAN: Stronger in Numbers

SBi is an urban streetwear brand based out of New Haven, CT, USA. The name stems from the humbling idea that no one on this planet knows everything, nor is it possible for one person to know everything. That makes us all "idiots' in some aspect or another. Once you realize that then you allso realize that you share a common thread with everyone else which is the fact that you still have more to learn. Our wish is that we can all learn from eachother to grow as individuals because our motto is that we are "Stronger In Numbers". 

Our target demographics are:

  • Male
  • Age 16-24
  • Live in urban city enviroments
  • Keeps up with latest fashion trends



Pre-Fall 2013 Collection CADS:

The inspiration for this collection stems from our home town of New Haven, which can be seen through the "NEVAH WEN" graphic on the snapback and the reversible jersey which is essentialy "NEW HAVEN" spelled backwards. The rest of the collection is made up of two logo shirts, a bandana, and a longsleeve with name branding on the sleeves and our signature "X" being doubled on the front of the shirt. The entire collection maintains a black and white aesthetic. 

Pre-Fall Collection Execution:

Pre-Fall Video

[UPDATE] 7/3/13

We recently just released our 4th of July capsule collection which included a small run of "idiots" snapbacks and logo tshirts in a patriotic colorway.

[UPDATE] 7/9/13

Surrounded By idiots Apparel (SBi) has just released their "Starter Homage Capsule Collection" which includes a T-shirt with a Surrounded By idiots themed parody of the Starter logo in two different color-ways. The shirts can be purchased at on 7/9/13

[UPDATE] 8/1/13


Whenever we release a new shirt we always hear the same thing from females which is: "That's nice, but when are you going to do something for girls?!"

So here you have it.. our first female shirt.


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