Arielle Wilkins

Designer & Daydreamer



SAY IT LOUD! Brothas & Sistas

Brothas and Sistas was once an idea I had in school, depicting everyday life in an urban environment. Each character has its own personality with its own style ranging from the geek to the baller. Once graduated, I actually abandoned the idea. Two years later while viewing my college portfolio, I came across this and decided to start it back up. I redid all the characters as well as created more (22 so far). I am trying to create a brand for them. I am still working on the bodies (mainly the hands and feet), but I would try and developed these as toys. Attached is 8 of the characters as well as the mood board. When it came to the mood board, its basically what attracts my eyes, but I separated it into 2 categories: Colors, and Dopeness.

8 Brotha and Sista Characters

Rough 3-D Mockup of one of the characters.

Extremely rough prototype of the Cook Bro and Sis.

Mood board Dopeness: Alot of the findings are what attracts my eyes. It includes is rappers, wacky images, and graffiti. 

Mood board Colors: I made a mood board of colors because that is usually the foundation of all the work I do. Whether it is in photographs, illustrations, or texture it helps me set the overall aesthetic /tone of my pieces.


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